Monday, May 23, 2011

More To Come

My heart breaks for the people in Joplin, Missouri. My husband and I listened to the scanner traffic with the help of the internet last night. Some things I could decifer on my own in figuring out what the police, fire and EMTs were saying. At other times, I'd have to ask him what they were referring to. Each time, I just shook my head and walked away.

According to the NWS, the Joplin tornado was the deadliest single tornado with 89 deaths (so far) in the U.S. since June 10, 1953 when 94 people died in Worchester, Massachusetts. In the years 2000-2010, there were 605 tornado fatalities in the U.S. So far in this year, there have been 450+ fatalities.

I spoke at Leaf River Baptist Church in Pineville yesterday and talked about the intensity in which events will happen--not just with the government, bombings and financially, but with the weather. Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and tornadoes have always been, but the frequency and strength are about to increase; some in places that have never experienced such disasters. Some people call me crazy for even mentioning that, but I've been asking the Lord for the spirit of revelation for quite some time. I'm quickly learning God will give you what you ask for!

So what do we do? We pray. We pray for those who have been affected in asking God to heal their hurts and hearts. We pray for Him to use us in some way in the tragedies. And, we pray for a hunger in reaching the lost like we've never before.

Jesus said in John 16:22, "Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy."

Meantime, northwest Mississippi will run the risk of seeing severe weather Wednesday night and Thursday from the same system causing severe weather across the midwest. Please stay tuned to the weather updates and I'll be keeping you informed on WLBT, on Facebook and Twitter @BarbieBassett .

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