Friday, May 20, 2011

The Spirit of Wisdom & Might-Part 2

As I mentioned in my Monday blog, I believe we are entering a season in which we will be dumbfounded at the events going on around us. People will begin to fail you, counsel once considered solid won't be because it will be mixed with earthly wisdom and not the wisdom of God. Earthly wisdom won't work anymore because it isn't wisdom sent from the Holy Spirit. The days are coming in which you will need to know what to do, even in the smallest areas of your life.

Luke 24:13 tells the story of two disciples walking on the road to Emmaus. As they were discussing the events of Jesus' resurrection, he came up and started walking with them. He ate with the disciples and verse 31 says "then there eyes were opened and they recognized him.." What was secret before, they learned just by walking with Jesus.

I want to know what God is doing and where God is going. John 14:26 says the Holy Spirit "will teach you all things.." There are days when the Holy Spirit may tell me something I need to know for tomorrow!

I don't know about you, but I need a fresh word from God every single day. Wisdom will make you more invigorated as you grasp it and it brings you joy as it is confirmed you are a child of God. When you receive wisdom, it means you are in tune with God and we need wisdom for the day. It's almost like God is sharing undisclosed information with you when you get wisdom. You will need it today; even more tomorrow and even more than that the day after.

Are you asking for God the spirit of wisdom and might today?

(Barbie will be the guest speaker at Leaf River Baptist Church in Pineville this Sunday.)

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