Monday, December 25, 2006

O Come All Ye Faithful

The rain showers and clouds kept us with a gloomy forecast, which was expected. My parents in the Mississippi Delta were expected to get some snow showers tonight, so I'm alittle envious as we've been dealing with drizzle and much colder conditions for our Christmas Day. I held out hope for snow tonight until I saw the last computer model run---then I realized we wouldn't have snow. But most viewers wanted a cold Christmas and that package was delivered right on time!

While I was visiting with my family in Marks over the weekend, I sang at the church I grew up in: Crowder Baptist Church. For the Christmas Eve service, I was asked to sing "Bethlehem Morning". In the pastor's sermon, he pointed out the words to an old Christmas hymn "O Come All Ye Faithful".

As Christians, we are not always full of faith. There are days when it's all we can do but to muster up alittle hope. Isn't it wonderful to know that when we are faith-less, God still loves us and beckons us to rely in and on Him! However, we must ask for His help.

Baby Will is learning how to walk. Sometimes he will take 7 steps and then fall on his rear. If he wants to get somewhere fast, he crawls. It must be too much effort to try and walk all of the time! As his mother, I want to help him along because I don't want him to fall and cry those big alligator tears. But I know if I hold his hand the whole time, he won't learn how to walk. So I've started to step away and let him go for it, even if it means he falls down. I can tell he wants me when he holds out his hands for me.

When you get tired of falling, hold your arms open wide for Jesus and ask Him to be your guide. His loving arms will increase your faith and allow you to proceed with grace.

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