Monday, December 18, 2006

What is Christmas all about?

Christmas. Everyone wants to know the forecast. They're chomping at the bit to find out if I have some kind of 'inside' information as to the possibility of snow. The good news is, we'll have some much needed rain this week. The interesting part is the overnight lows will be a few degrees above freezing. I'll have to see more computer model runs before I totally give up hope for snow on Christmas Eve.

At our house, we have a wooden nativity set my daughter Gracie plays with. Its cheap enough that it would not be too expensive to replace should one piece get broken or should baby Will chew the angel's halo off.

Gracie is a loving 3 1/2 year old, but she has a tendency to squeeze baby Will too hard when she hugs him. We've had several conversations with her lately on the importance of being gentle---it's ok to love baby Will, but don't squeeze him too hard.

While I was playing with Gracie, she said she wanted to tell me the "Baby Jesus" story. I obliged. She grabbed the angel and baby Jesus and said "Hello everybody! My name is angel and I'm here to tell you that baby Jesus has been born today." She handed baby Jesus over to Mary and Joseph and instructed them both, "Here is your baby Jesus. Love him alot, but don't squeeze him too hard!" I bit my lip and tried my best not to laugh. Then I realized Gracie had gotten the whole Christmas story perfect---"love him alot".

That's what Christmas is all about.

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