Friday, December 22, 2006

Thankful for "fill in the blank"

As I've been out and about this week, I've noticed many things that have prompted a prayer of thanks. Yesterday, I noticed a homeless man standing at one of the Jackson intersections begging for money. I found myself saying outloud, "thank you, Jesus, that I have a home to live in." A few miles down the road, I noticed a car sitting alone on the side of the highway. It looked as if the driver had abandoned it. "Thank you, Jesus, that I have a car that runs." As I drove past the shopping centers and noticed the people coming in and out like ants, I whispered "thank you, Jesus, that I have money to buy gifts with."

Sometimes we wait until our devotional time to say a word of thanks to the Lord. But I've noticed if I say prayers of thanks throughout the day, I discover more and more blessings I've been given. "Pray without ceasing" as the Bible says----being thankful without ceasing---it brings Christmas to life.

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