Friday, December 12, 2008

After The Storms & Snow...

I'm back in town and couldn't help myself--I had to find out how much snow you had and what you did to enjoy the day!

In looking at the weather records, never before have we recorded snowfall on December 11. When I told you earlier in the week how rare a December snow is, I wasn't kidding! But for most areas, if you look outside today there isn't a hint of snow left from yesterday (the only exception would be for those of you in the south and southeast).

I stayed behind Tuesday and went in to help Eric Law with our severe weather coverage Tuesday night. When we finally left, we got in the middle of that EF2 tornado that hit just south of Florence, near Star. We pulled to safety and waited for a bit. When we finally got back on the road, we ended up making a few medical calls. One to a guy who had just drove over a large tree that fell on Highway 49 and another to a family that had several trees fall on their house. It was a weird feeling being "in" the storm and being nervous for those who were possibly hurt and not being in a dry television studio trying to keep others safe.

We are in for a better weekend. So post here and tell us how much snow you received!


Melanieshea said...

Hey Barbie! We got a decent amount at our house! Maybe a few inches and there is still a lot left today! Slowly melting away :o)
I have pictures on my blog...

My kids were SO excited and even more so when they canceled school for today too!

WandaM;) said...

Hey Barbie,

I live in Brandon where we got lots of snow - it was beautiful!


Anonymous said...

4 1/2 inches in Taylorsville. Kids sure did enjoy it. Still patches here and there, but melting really fast!!!!