Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What Is So Amazing About Grace?

I was reading the story of Jesus' birth the other day and thought more about God's grace.

After Jesus was born and was beginning to get older, the Bible says that Mary and Joseph moved back to their hometown. Luke 2:39 says, "When Joseph and Mary had done everything required by the Law of the Lord, they returned to Galilee to their own town of Nazareth. And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon him."

Do you think God gave Jesus all of the grace there was in the world while he walked on this earth? One thing you learn about God in the Bible, He does not play favorites, no matter who you are. If He did, He would've taken Jesus off the cross and not allowed the crucifixion to take place. So did He give Jesus any more grace than He gives you and me? If God did, there wouldn't have been any grace left for anyone else to receive, right? I believe God gave Jesus just as much grace to endure this earthly life and everything that comes along with it as He does with you and me every day. Think about that: we receive just as much grace from God as Jesus did 2,000 years ago (and Jesus is the Son of God). That will blow your mind if you get a hold of it! That is mountain-moving faith and grace, all rolled up into one. We have equal grace from God. It's how we use that grace that makes it so "amazing."

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Anonymous said...

That is a powerfull viewpoint and I believe you are right. Jesus has all the grace needed for everyone in the world. However ,some christians don't realize this truth and are missing out. The amount or power (potential) of that grace cannot be meassured.The song, "Amazing Grace" say's it all. The Grace of God will always be there.