Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow: Could It Be?

I'm still away, but I'm keeping in close contact with the weather forecast for central Mississippi. As I told you in Monday's blog, the computer models were hinting at snow. Well, now it is coming to fruition!

An upper level low pressure system will move in from the south with plenty of moisture to bring. The temperatures have been dropping since the cold front pushed through Tuesday night. This is the classic snowfall set up for central Mississippi. Are you excited? Here is the graphic from the NWS. Look for your county and see how much snow you could be dealing with.

Although temperatures will be hovering above freezing at times, the snow will fall faster than it can melt. This will cause the snow to accumulate in some areas. Temperatures will be rising on Thursday morning, but some bridges and overpasses could be a bit slick (especially those that are in rural areas that don't get much traffic). Please exercise caution over the next 24-36 hours, slow it down on the roadways, and enjoy this December treat from above!


Amanda said...

So exciting!!! Missed you at the meeting.

Melanieshea said...

My kids are praying for snow!!! Ha
Thanks for updating while you are away!!!!

Cookeville Weather Guy said...

As little snow as you all get in Jackson, it should be FUN! :)

dee said...

9:55 AM, and it is SNOW SNOW SNOW everywhere in Brandon/Rez area! and thundering too - crazy but beautiful day!