Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Severe Weather Update

Today's forecast isn't the best. Not much has changed since yesterday's blog entry. The storms look to form along a squall line and this could lead to a significant wind event as the line pushes through. Please don't put anything outside that you won't want to end up in the neighbor's yard! Hail, damaging/gusty winds, isolated tornadoes (especially south of I-20) and heavy rain will be possible. Here is today's graphic from the NWS.

What happens behind the cold front continues to be most interesting. A low pressure area will pass through central Mississippi with some moisture, combined with cold temperatures. Both of these together spell the possibility for snow. When I mentioned it yesterday on WLBT, the phones started ringing off the hook and I was kindly cursed at by those answering the phones: "Why do people go crazy when you mention snow? It's just snow, people!" was heard all over the building. Snow just isn't as frequent this time of year for our state. If this were January or February, this would be a classic set-up for snow. Therefore, my confidence in this happening isn't high right now, but things could change. Timing will be everything, literally, in central Mississippi receiving the white stuff. If so, this would happen Wednesday night through early Thursday. Here is the graphic from the NWS concerning this possibility.

Please be weather aware today and use common sense throughout this severe weather event and what could come afterwards. I'm hoping today's forecast is totally wrong and that I have a busted forecast (can't believe I'm saying that)!

However, I will miss all of this excitement. I'm leaving town today and won't return to the blog until next Monday. Meteorologist Eric Law will be in charge and will keep you all updated on WLBT.

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Barbara said...

Sorry you weren't here for the beautiful white Christmas in SW Mississippi. It was a special gift from the heavens.