Monday, December 8, 2008

Severe Weather Possible Tuesday

As Mississippians know, we have 2 severe weather seasons: one in the late Spring (April-May) & in the late Fall (Nov-Dec). Some of the worst severe weather we've had has occurred during these months. Tuesday is shaping up to be a day for severe weather.

With a Pacific cold front headed this way, we are expecting plenty of rain. Computer models are showing impressive wind fields and other parameters (I won't bore you with the numbers) which show a possibility for tornadoes. The rain should start entering the state late tonight and continue through Tuesday and Tuesday night. There will be several supercells forming as well. Please keep your NOAA weather radio on throughout the duration of the activity. Here is this morning's graphic from the NWS.

The weather behind this cold front gets even more interesting. With some leftover moisture hanging around and cold air surging in behind the front, we could see some snow. I hesitate to even mention the "s" word because just the thought of it gets people excited and sets people running to the local grocery store. It is a bit early to get snow in Mississippi, but it could definitely happen for Wednesday night and Thursday. Areas with the best chance look to be eastern and southeastern Mississippi. As you know, many things have to be just right in order for this to happen and the forecast can change hourly. I'll have more updates on WLBT tonight and on here Tuesday morning.


Dawn Lampkin said...

I need to know how to program my Midland weather radio- I'll email you at the station.

Anonymous said...

I think you do a great job! When it snowed this past January, my nephew went outside and said "BARBIE BASSETT WAS RIGHT!!" It was so funny! Keep up the good work.

Bethany Miller said...

I am SO loving your blogspot!
Thank you for keeping us up to date.
Seems like here in Brandon, we're in a "tornado alley" of sorts sometimes....OH I hate it.
I've been wondering all day what to expect. Thanks for the blog about it! The map helped too...
Keep it up girl!

Junebug said...

no to the tornados
yes to the snow

make it snow, Barbie.