Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday's Update

My apologies once again for being tardy at posting this morning. If I've not posted by 9am on Mondays, some of you become concerned and I appreciate your faithfulness to tune in!

What wild weather we had last week! I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a break. Unfortunately, the old wives tale about "March going out like a lion" seems to be ringing true. Last Friday night was a doozie with tornado warnings breaking out all across our viewing area. We had numerous reports of trees down, flash flooding, and large hail. Areas south of I-20 seemed to get the worst of the storms and there was a possible tornado touchdown near Natchez. Today we'll get a break, but more storms will be possible Tuesday. Here is the NWS's graphic for Tuesday:

Although the tornado threat looks minimal for Tuesday, more heavy rain, gusty winds and hail will be possible. We'll have another system to roll through on Thursday as well.

Things on the home front have been alittle tedious. Lilly Faith was sick last week with the fever virus and the stomach virus (which is where I got my bout of it last week). Over the weekend, she got worse. I took her to the doctor Sunday morning and she was diagnosed with RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), which can be fatal for some infants. It causes difficulty breathing and isn't fun at all for the little one.

I spent Saturday morning speaking to the fine ladies at Main Street Baptist Church in Goodman at their brunch. I met the sweetest people there, young and old. We laughed, we talked and we had a good time.

I'm ready to get back to sharing with you some of the things the Lord has been showing me and dealing with me on. Hopefully the weather will make a turn for the better and I can do some of that in the coming weeks and we can put the bad weather to rest!

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Anonymous said...

Oh goodness! I know RSV can be a very serious thing for little ones. I hope Lily Faith feels better soon. We will be praying for her quick recovery! :)