Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stormy Weather Possible

I was jarred awake several times overnight by the rumbles of thunder, so you know what we have ahead of us today!

With a strong cold front to our west and a warm front draped just to our north, we remain in the warm sector of the cold front. This is the area that could see strong or severe storms. Shear doesn't look to be as significant with the latest computer model run, so tornadoes could become less of a possibility. However, I won't discount the chance of a tornado warning or two. These storms could form a strong squall line later this evening with gusty winds and large hail being produced. Here is the NWS' graphical depiction of today and tonight's weather.

I do expect the worst of the storms to move in somewhere between 6pm-1am. I'll be on duty throughout this afternoon and overnight and will keep you updated on WLBT, Twitter and the WLBT Weather Facebook page.

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alivshecrd said...

Thank you so much,I rely on your twitter updates.