Friday, March 26, 2010

Viewer Comments

Someone asked the other day if I had gotten any mean comments or emails lately. I proudly told them no. It seemed as if the critics had quietened down. That is, until this week.

How many times have I been out in public and someone say, "Thanks for the sunshine!" or "Can you get it to stop snowing?" or "Bring us good weather this weekend!" Sure, they know I don't control the weather and I know it, too. But, it's a little tongue-in-cheek when people act as if I control the weather and I reciprocate. Well, apparently I had said that one too many times this week for this viewer.

"I have just watched the WLBT weather for the last time. I tolerated your thinking you were some kind of pageant queen, but now that you think you are God, I can't watch any more. This week, you have made comments indicating that you believe you control the weather. Examples: You "promise" the weather will get better and be sunny tomorrow; we are going to "love" your forecast later in the week when the weather is sunny. There are many other such references but these are just in the last few days. It is shocking to me that you think you control the weather, since your family was on the cover of Jackson Metro Christian Living magazine years ago. Surely you know that God controls the weather. And, by the way, you have become ineffective as a weather reporter because you can't stay focused; you are too busy trying to convince yourself that you are some kind of celebrity. We have had enough! Goodbye WLBT, hello WJTV!" Signed, Anonymous

I have no idea how this viewer knows about my pageant experiences as this is something I don't talk about on television. And yes, I know I don't control the weather. Trust me, if anybody understands that, I do. And if this viewer saw what I did on a day-to-day basis, knew the places I frequent or the people I associate with, he/she would know I don't act like I'm a celebrity.

That email was not to be outdone by the lady in the Chic-fil-A restaurant who was smitten with my hair. She said, "My friends and I talk on the phone every night when you come on and are just 100% convinced that you are wearing wigs!" So right there in the middle of the restaurant, we yanked, pulled and tugged on my hair. She got to test and see that my hair is really attached to my head and there is no wig involved. She didn't comment at all on my weathercasts. She just wanted to touch my hair and said, "Well now, I can call my friends and tell them I met you and got to see for myself that you don't wear wigs."


I'll be traveling to Brookhaven for a book signing at Expectations on Saturday from 11am-2pm. I'm looking forward to seeing some old friends and making some new ones!


Anonymous said...

Obviously, the lady at Chick-fil-A and her friends do not have enough to do!

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious!

You are an inspiration to me. I just finished your book and am so glad you shared your life for us. What a blessing!

Sallis, MS

Heather said...

Some people!! Honestly, you just have to laugh though don't you...I mean how can you take either of those people seriously. Also, I love when someone has a mean spirited comment to make they always sign it "Anonymous". Cracks. Me. Up.

Heather said...

oh ppplllllluuuueeeeeeeasssee!!!!! This is hilarious! People should really get a life. Barbie, you're great and I enjoy you every day. You visited CCS once a few years ago and m young daughter was very surprised when she realized that we worship at the same church...she said.."Mama, there's Barbie Basket! She came to my school!!" God Bless ya girl!

Anonymous said...

Barbie, its such a shame that things like this is what people talk about. You are such a Godly woman, I can see from your post and even on your blogs. I cant wait to read your book!

Carol said...

I'm not going to be anonymous in saying that I am SO sorry that people act like this. Gosh, if they believe what they're saying, they at least should OWN it and attach their name! You're an inspiration to many, many, many people Barbie, and part of that is because you're willing to be honest that you're an imperfect human, saved by grace. Thank you for being who you are.

Sara said...

These people just blow my mind!! Don't let them get to you!

Anonymous said...

Barbie, Your book is an inspiration as are you.. I am going thru a divorce. I am a Christian and pray daily. Your views on life and to pray through the storms have given me a much needed peace in my life. I know God will bring me through this and I will be stronger than ever. You have a beautiful family and are a blessing to all.