Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dean & A Viewer's Email

Hurricane Dean roared ashore at 3:30am at Majahual, Mexico with maximum sustained winds at 165 mph and wind gusts of 200 mph! That is monstrous! Dean is already being called the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in two decades. With the damage already done and the deaths so far, Dean's name will likely be retired, never to be used as a hurricane name again by the National Hurricane Center. There is another area of disturbed weather the NHC is closely watching in the Atlantic. This cluster of storms will be moving into a more favorable wind environment over the next day or two which could allow it to form into a tropical system.

I got this email yesterday from a viewer who said I was the topic of conversation at a local bar.
"I was at "Fire", the club down next to Hal and Mals, checking out a battle of the bands Sunday. The subject of weather came up and some one said that they were mad at you for all the hot weather we've had lately. Well this young guy spoke up quickly and told the guy it wasn't your fault and he had better not pick on his "Lil' Hottie Barbie"! He then went into how hard it must be to lose weight after having "all them kids". Then a discussion ensued, and you were pretty much voted hottest girl on local TV." ---Jesse
"All them kids", huh? All two of them. Thanks.....I think.

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