Friday, August 31, 2007

Welcome Rain!

It was so nice seeing the rain come down yesterday! The newsroom scanners were buzzing with all sorts of traffic accidents. I don't know what it is about rain, but drivers go nuts when the roads get wet! WLBT is never at a loss for "news" on those days. Then again, maybe its because we haven't had any rain in a while and people forget how to drive in it.

With today being the last day of August, we will go down in the record books with 1.31" of rain for the month (one of the driest in our history). We should have 3.55" of rain by now, which puts us 2.24" below average for this month. We are still shy 15.37" of rain for the year, which is staggering. My children were bummed yesterday because it began raining and they couldn't go outside after lunch. By 4pm, the ground had soaked all of the rain in and they were back outside without any evidence of it having rained.

Enjoy your holiday weekend and lets hope for wetter September!

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