Friday, August 17, 2007

A Week of Weather

What a weather week it has been! With Tropical Storm Erin making landfall in Texas, all eyes now on Hurricane Dean, and our triple digit temperatures, there will be no lack for "weather talk" in the news.

In Jackson, we have had 14 straight days of temperatures at 95 degrees or higher; 5 of those days have been at 100 degrees or higher. Thursday was our first non-100+ degree day and it felt "cooler"...if you call 99 degrees cool. It looks as if those triple digit days are over for now and we can get back to the 90s in the forecast. By the way, the normal high temperature for this time of the year is 92 degrees, which we are still far from.

On to Hurricane Dean, which is a category 2 hurricane. We look at 5 hurricane computer models. Right now, 2 models have Dean making landfall in Texas and/or Louisiana; 3 models have Dean hitting the Yucatan Peninsula, moving into the Bay of Campeche, then hitting Mexico again. Granted we don't want Dean in Mississippi, but we desperately need his rain. Although it is good that the majority of the models have Dean land falling in other places besides Mississippi, it is unfortunate we could miss out on a good chance to receive tropical moisture. This is all still several days away and many things could change between now and then, especially the strength of a high pressure area which is protecting us right now and keeping Dean south. So, stay tuned!

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RaeJane said...

Hi Barbie!
I come by way of JuneBug.
I'm sitting here wishing you were in Illinois!
We've been looking for female 'celebrity' for a fundraising event our Junior Club is having in March.

Anyway, it's good to get to know you.