Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Clogged Drains

I traveled to Gallman Baptist Church Monday night to speak to their WMU group. While I was gone, my husband turned into Mr. Roto-Rooter. When I walked in the door, he met me with a smile. "You know, I must love you alot," he said. Wondering what he was talking about, I walked into the master bathroom and saw what he had done. It seems my vanity sink was draining alittle sluggish and he decided to investigate. He pulled out several 10 inch clumps of dark hair--all mine. Yep, it was pretty nasty to see that my own hair had been clogging up the drain. But after his cleaning job, the sink drained in a matter of seconds.

Our spiritual life has a tendency to get clogged up, too. With all of the activities we have going on, combined with daily life and responsibilities, we neglect our quiet time with God. I fall into this category at times. And unfortunately, we suffer for it. Our spiritual drain needs a cleaning. Revelation 3:15-16 says, "God knows my works and what I am doing. He would rather I were either cold or hot--not lukewarm. For the lukewarm, He will spew out of His mouth!" When we neglect our time alone with God, we are being lukewarm. We are giving attention and care to all other areas of our life, but putting God on hold. God wants us to be either 100% with Him or 100% against Him. There is no straddling the fence.

Does your spiritual drain need to be unclogged so God can flow through you? It will only happen if we are in the Word on a daily basis.


blazerbobcat said...

I'm writing from Georgia, where I'm currently a print journalist and "part-time" radio broadcaster praying for bigger and bigger things in the news business/media industry. Please pray that God will help lead me to the right career path. Otherwise, thank you for putting this blog together. You're a blessing not only to me, but to the other people who read this blog. God Bless You, and may He continue to use you each day. Thank you.

BarbC said...

Long hair causes sluggish drains here too... or it did. A salon owner gave me a tip that she got from her plumber... BLEACH. I put a cup of bleach in our tub and sink drains once a month. Let it sit all day or over night. It "eats" the hair and helps keep the drain clear.