Monday, October 15, 2007

Stumbling Blocks

Last week, a woman and her daughter came up to me and introduced themselves. The mother mentioned how much she appreciated "someone in the media who is a Christian witness to the lost and saved." She went on to say how her family was recently in a Jackson store and noticed a meteorologist from another television station stocking up on alcoholic beverages. This mother said how disappointed she was to see this person with a buggy full of drinks and was embarrassed because her daughter saw it, too.

It is true, as Christians we all live in a fishbowl to some extent. As a Christian, we have an awesome responsibility to turn people "on" to Christ; not turn them "off". Romans 14:13 says, "Make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in your brother's way." What does this mean? A stumbling block is anything or anyone that causes someone to sin. If your conscience tells you a certain action is sinful, then it is sin for you to do it. That is the Holy Spirit convicting you or your actions.

Each year, my parents go to their old high school reunions. As with many parties or gathering, there is alcohol being served. My parents refuse to carry a cup around with them while they visit, although it contains sweet tea or lemonade, because they don't want someone to say, "I saw so-in-so drinking at the class reunion!" Now, you may call that extreme, but my parents do not believe it is right for them to drink alcohol. They believe it would be a stumbling block for others to see them partaking in drinking alcohol. (Trust me when I tell you, they have a wonderful time without it. And, they can remember everything that was said and done the morning after.) However, they don't have a problem with others making that choice.

It is the same for the clothes we wear, the things we say, and the people we associate with. Can someone who is a weak Christian or a non-Christian be "turned off" to Christ because of my actions or your actions? It is a big responsibility, but one God expects us to take seriously.

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