Friday, October 19, 2007

Look, Up In the Sky!

I did something I had never done yesterday. I went from mild-mannered chief meteorologist to Super Girl! To be honest, I had to record a commercial for our Halloween blood drive at Mississippi Blood Services. The theme of the commercial is to encourage viewers to become a superhero and donate blood to help save lives. So, we took the "superhero" part quite seriously. I drove to MBS in costume all the while hoping I didn't get stopped along the way. Before I left the house, Gracie asked, "Does this mean you can fly now with your super cape on, Mommy?" No, I didn't fly as in 'in the air', but I sure was flying 'on the road'. I got some funny looks from drivers in the lanes next to me. But I was just trying to hurry and get to my destination to get the commercial cut so I could get out of the lycra I sucked myself into, trying and squeeze down some of my pregnant belly into the costume. Always remember girls, lycra is your friend!

My friend Marshall Ramsey is creating a t-shirt design for the big day, and I'm thrilled he's going to make this such a success again. More details on that and all of the big give-a-ways we'll have later. The commercial will start next week and I'll give you a sneak peek once it gets out of production on Monday. Here's a hint on the costume, big 80s hair and all.


Sara said...

That's too cute. Made me smile!

OMalley said...

We always knew you were "super" with all the good things you do, plus caring for your family and being a great weather forecaster. Now you have the costume to prove it!