Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Splinter in the Flesh

Monday morning Will woke up complaining about his feet. It isn't always easy to understand what a 22 month old is trying to say, but I could tell something was wrong. He was walking on his tippy-toes. He kept saying, "foot hurt". After checking out his foot, I saw he had 3 splinters in the bottom of both feet. Seems he had played outside Sunday afternoon without his shoes on. Trying to be a good mother, I pulled out a needle, tweezers and peroxide to do some minor surgery. Will wouldn't have any of it. He was kicking my belly and wouldn't be still. I loaded the kids in the car and took him to my husband's workplace and handed Will over. After holding him down for what seemed like 30 minutes, my husband fished out the splinters and saved our boy from walking on his tip-toes all day!

In 2 Corinthians 12, Paul talks about his "thorn in the flesh". Some speculate it may have been a spiritual problem or perhaps a physical ailment. Either way, those can get us down. We can become depressed and frustrated because we can't fix the problem ourself. Deuteronomy 31:8 says, "The Lord goes before me; He will march with me. He will not fail me or let me go or forsake me; I will fear not, neither become broken in spirit--depressed, dismayed and unnerved with alarm." Whatever it is that we can't fix, the Bible says God is with us through it all. God even told Paul, "my grace is sufficient for you."

Sometimes the smallest things in our life can cause the most pain. Whether it is a splinter or a thorn, God has not abandoned us and will 'march' with us---even if that means we have to walk on our tippy-toes for a while.

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