Wednesday, December 19, 2007

God's Favorite Things To Say

Who doesn't love a surprise? Gracie has this game she plays---she goes to get something from my bathroom drawer or my jewelry box, she puts it in tissue paper, then brings it to me. "I have something for you, mommy....Surprise!" Of course, the object of the game is for me to act surprised and not point out that the item is something that was already mine.

I think of God as having two favorite sayings:
"Surprise!" and
"My grace is sufficient for you!"

Think back on some of the people in the Bible to whom God said "surprise" to: Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Job, Ester, Mary, David, Paul...the list goes on and on. Sure, it probably wasn't the surprise they wanted as they probably saw it as adversity or trials God was allowing to come their way. But God always walked through every trial with them and comforted them. You can almost hear Him say, "My grace is sufficient for YOU!"

So has God said "surprise!" to you lately and completely caught you off guard with a new challenge? You may not think of it as a present right now or a pleasant experience (then again, it may be), but remember...His grace is sufficient to get you through it!

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vicky turk said...

Barbie,But for the grace of God I have been sober for seven years an only by God's grace.thank you for reminding about his wounderful love and grace. Vicky T