Monday, December 10, 2007

Seeing Things at Eye Level

I traveled to Osyka Saturday to be in their Christmas parade. While I was gone, my husband and children put up the Christmas tree we bought earlier in the day. When I got home that night, Gracie insisted she and Will help put on the ornaments. Of course I was hesitant because I have beautiful glass and glittered Christmas balls as ornaments and I didn't want any to break. But I conceded and let them "help" put on the ornaments. When we finished the tree, we noticed all of the ornaments they put on were 2 feet up the tree or lower, hanging all along the bottom of the tree. I guess when you're not very tall, you put everything at eye-level! They helped alright...they just put ornaments where they could reach them.

It is hard for us to see the big picture in life sometimes. We see only what is in front of us at the time. Psalm 94:9 says, "Does He who formed the eye not see? Does He who formed the eye not see?" The writer of this chapter is reminding himself that although he may not see and hear the future, God does and the writer is trying to muster up some faith through his circumstances.

Although we may not see the big picture now and not understand where God is leading and going with our situation, God does. He sees it all, He hears it all; He is in control.

When the kids became distracted and started playing with the nativity scene, my husband and I quickly grabbed the "low" ornaments and gave them a new home on the Christmas tree. Isn't that what God does? He takes the things we see and spreads His plan out to make a full picture of the type of person He is making us to be.

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