Friday, August 15, 2008

Suggestions From A Caller

Everyone has an opinion. Whether that opinion is shared in a kind way or not doesn't always matter. It's one of those "perks" of the job that I didn't sign up for, but for some reason comes nonetheless. Many of you were appalled and commented on the "Viewer Emails" blog entry from last Friday (you remember the one, don't you?). Over the weekend, while I wasn't at work, I received 2 voice mails on my office phone. Both voice mails were from the same woman. Without transcribing the entire messages for you, I thought I'd share some bits and pieces.

Received 4:10pm, Saturday, August 9
The female caller says that she has been keeping up with my blog and read my blog entry from August 8. She said "this has gotten out of hand" and told me "you are obsessed with the fact that you are out of shape. Your nipples WERE showing. You wear things like bed jackets and your nipples were sticking out as well as your big belly button. I know a nipple whenever I see one." The caller told me "I think you would be really attractive if you'd wear more suits and went somewhere else to get your hair done. You're making a really big deal out of this. More than most people care about it. You need to stick with doing the weather report. You'd probably do better."

Received 9:40pm, Sunday, August 10
She called back again and this time she said she "isn't an email or blog person" and said she kept up with my brother and sister's heart problems last year and wanted to know why I didn't talk more about them. She said she would much rather I stop "preaching". She said, "I don't go to the internet to read the Bible. Maybe you should stop copying scripture. We all have Bibles. If I want to read a Bible, I'll read it. Maybe you're thinking of being an evangelist." Once again she said, "I think you're just obsessed with your looks. Perhaps you need to do your hair back like it used to look years ago. It just doesn't look good on you. You need to dress more professionally. You do a great job with the weather report. But you are obsessed with being out of shape. You're just another woman who had kids and got out of shape."

I always respond to my emails, letter and phone calls, if they leave me a return address or phone number. I think its only appropriate to respond to viewers should they take the time to contact me. However, this lady didn't leave her name, nor number on either message. Some of you may have some of the same suggestions or questions, so I thought I would respond to her concerns.

1) I wouldn't say that I'm obsessed with my looks. I would much rather come to work and do my job and would hope people don't concentrate on my appearance. Unfortunately, it hasn't worked that way. Some viewers have become obsessed with my looks. That is obvious by the number of emails, letters and phone calls addressing my outer appearance.

2) We went back to look at the broadcast in which I was supposedly exposing myself and I wasn't. However, I put on the same blouse for a friend of mine and this is what she noticed: the seams/darts on the front of the blouse fall right on my bust line. It seems that I have lost so much weight in my chest area after having the baby that the seams were in the wrong place and out of line, causing the material to pucker. This is what Ms. Moss was seeing, the puckering. She wasn't seeing nipples. And as far as my "big belly button sticking out", I don't have an "outty" and never have. My mother and husband can attest to that.

3) Most people think because I'm on tv, I must have a limitless amount of money to spend on clothes or that I get free clothes. The truth is, I am not given any money to purchase clothes and I don't get free clothes. I shop for bargains and sales. If someone wants to hand me a blank check, I'll be more than happy to go buy all of the professional suits that I can fit into my car! Some may think I have a hairstylist and makeup artist on site to make me camera ready before the lights go on. Not so. I am the hairstylist and makeup artist and I have 10 minutes or less to do it in every day. So if my hair looks bad or if there is some mascara on my cheek, there is no one to blame but me.

4) I have given updates on my brother and sister on several occasions. So many of you were their prayer warriors and they felt every one of them lifted up on their behalf. In case you missed it, they are both doing so well. My brother Doug has had an active summer working in the field, driving the tractor and combine, and attending his son's baseball games. He just returned from the beach where he took his family for a short vacation and celebrated the one year mark of his heart attack. My sister Rhonda hasn't had any heart palpitations since being put on beta blockers. She and her husband continue to parent their 2 college aged sons and pre-teen daughter.

5) In the beginning, I chose to make my blog public. Some blogs are private and readers must subscribe or have passwords in order to read them, but I wanted to let mine be public. Although it may seem that I'm preaching, I'm not. This blog was meant to be therapy for me....a way I could write down what the Lord is trying to teach me, read it over and over again, and meditate on how I need to change. If the blog speaks to you, that isn't my doing--that's the Holy Spirit. I won't take credit for that. As you might have noticed, when there is something significant weatherwise to talk about, I'll share my meteorological thoughts, too. That's why I call it "Barbie's Forecasts & Faith".

Over the years, I've been more cause oriented instead of career oriented. However, if I can minister to others through my career, then I feel like I'm doing the right thing.


Sara said...

You just keep your head up and keep on doing your thing. My response to this lady caller is "why are you reading the blog if you feel like you are being preached to?" Obviously, your devotionals are speaking to her in some kind of way if she feels the need to read them. The Lord has given you a gift to inspire others and you are letting him use you and I applaud you for that. And, as far as looks, let's face it...we all want to look good. When we feel better about ourselves, we have more confidence, more energy, etc. That's just human nature. I continued to be appalled that people take the time out of their day to call and be rude and judgmental. I think these people need to look inside themselves and explore what's going on in their own life and determine what's making them so unhappy that they have to bring down others. Keep you faith, Barbie (and the forecast). :)

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...


again, bless your heart.

you know - that caller may be the very one who NEEDS to read your blog - especially when scripture is on here! and if she DOES have a Bible, then she needs to go read it and see that KINDNESS is good! not constant criticism of a professional person. i mean really - 2 phone calls in a weekend? please. she needs to find something better to do with her time.

you know we watch you all of the time and think you look great - clothes, makeup, and hair. i don't think i need to go on and on about that.

i was a prayer warrior for your siblings - and will be whenever it is needed!

i am constantly amazed at how rude people are to you. please don't let it get your spirit down. you are beautiful on the inside and out. you are a light in a dark world and many are touched through you!

praying for you!

suzanne (tommy and mary peyton, too!)

CarrieB said...

Way to cowboy up Barbie!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Suzanne, don't let negative people get you down. I know it's hard, but I wouldn't even worry about that caller who left the messages, she obviously had nothing better to do with her time than to seek you out just to criticize! When you are on television and in the public eye, you unfortunately are more visible and accessible to these type of people. I wouldn't give that lady another thought. If she doesn't want to read your devotionals and Bible verses, then she shouldn't read your blog, period! I think you are a great inspiration to all, and you always look beautiful! God bless you, and keep on doing exactly what you're doing! Don't let the unkind and totally irrelevant opinions of others weigh you down! It's just Satan trying to discourage you through the negativity of others, don't let him win, keep the faith, and keep fighting the good fight!
Praying for you,
A friend

tgtank said...

Some people are just unbelievable. DON'T CHANGE A THING!

mom said...

I've always felt that when someone is so bitterly critical of others, that they are very, deeply unhappy in their lives. They're usually not able to see a way out of the dark, so they chose to lash out at others. You're being in the public eye, and so easily accessible, just became a target for her. I'm sure you're not the only beneficiary of her bitterness!

If living your life as openly for Christ as you do draws that kind of attention, then I think you're really piercing the hearts of those who live in a dark and unhappy world. Christ is using you!!!

Hang in there, we all need examples like you--

Anonymous said...

you do a wonderful job and i love the way you do your hair, i wish my hair would do what i want it to do! i think you are wonderful and love your clothes and thanks for doing a wonderful job and i faithfully read your blog everyday. and i enjoy reading your readings of the bible everyday, you are truly a blessing and dont change a thing for anyone. thanks again

sandra said...

You need to keep on doing what you are doing. I read your blog everyday to get my day started. I enjoy reading for the daily devotionals and your family updates. May God bless you!!

John said...

I am sure everyone has heard the saying "missery loves company" and you, Barbie, is a very safe target. This lady appears to be a very unhappy person. But as Sara had said the lady keeps going to the blog so perhaps the Holy Spirit is talking to her. Maybe prayer might be in order for the lady.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to leave a word of encouragement on here for you. I think you are very beautiful and it makes you even more beautiful that you love the Lord! Your blogs are such an encouragement to me I love reading them everyday!

Anonymous said...

Barbie this is YOUR blog, no on else's. If they have a problem with it, tell them to get their own. A blog is a place for you to vent or preach or whatever. Keep it up sister!

Mississippi Mama said...

Barbie, I am appalled by people's ugliness. You seem to be a very strong woman, but you're a girl, too, and I know that hurtful words about appearance probably hurt you more than you let on. Please don't listen to these horrible people! I don't know why people choose to be so bad to each other. We've never met, but I am thankful that you're my sister in Christ. My husband and I both agree that you bring so much to WLBT and that you are beautiful and seem to be a great wife, mom and friend. Chin up! Sin will always make people hurtful, bu THEIR sin is not YOUR fault!

danielle polk said...

Oh Barbie... I'm just so sorry. I have been reading your blog for almost a year and love to read about what God is teaching you.
I know that you are not older than me, but I still consider you a kind of mentor :) I think we all need women to look to as an example- who are real women of faith with faults and failures, but who are also not afraid to stand in the face of discouragement, disappointment and sometimes just downright meanness, and still praise God... anyway.
We in the Polk household think you are beautiful and that you do a great job. You continue to encourage us mamas that we CAN do it all, with God's help. Keep up the good work!

The Mathis Bunch said...

I am so sorry that this has been so bothersome for you. As many others have stated, the Holy Spirit has been guiding this lady to read your blog, or she wouldn't be coming back (and back). Though this is hard to do, thank God she is reading, because she is also absorbing His word when she's reading the scriptures that God has put on your heart. I know--easy for ME to say... Barbie, the Lord is using you in mighty ways. Hang in there. I'm going to share a scripture that I shared on my blogspot this week. It's been very special to me during a difficult time. Joshua 1:9 "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." What a comfort to know that our heavenly Father is there. I am praying for you! I have not met you in person, but what an encouragment you have been to me and many others as a mother and a woman of Christian faith.

K Storm said...

I am just shaking my head at how thoughtless people can be. I think you look great. If you have a word to share on YOUR blog, you should go ahead. Those that object should read elsewhere.

samantha said...

Well, I've said it before, but I'll say it again... but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hair! I fully intend to have mine cut similar to yours at my next appointment. I also have noticed this week how quickly your weight seems to be coming down. I wish I were on the same track as you! Four kids later did nothing positive for my physique!

My nine year old daughter commented today that she thought I was beautiful. I laughed and told her I was having a bad hair day. She replied, "But Momma, you are kind. That makes you beautiful."

The same is true with you. It is your "causes" that increase your beauty too. I personally think you are an attractive lady physically as well, but it is your heart for God that causes you to shine!

Barbie, you are a beautiful lady... inside and out.

glenn said...

Barbie, you just keep on keeping on. This lady might be under conviction about something. Maybe by you being willing to take a stand for the Lord, she'll see the light. Sometimes, the way we conduct ourselves is the only Jesus that people will ever see. So, hang in there and keep being the lighthouse. ( I always loved that song)..

Mat 5:10 Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness, because the kingdom of heaven is theirs.
Mat 5:11 "Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and falsely say every kind of evil against you because of Me.
Mat 5:12 Be glad and rejoice, because your reward is great in heaven. For that is how they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

uh oh, I copied Scripture

Anonymous said...

I just read todays blog and good grief!, that lady sure has a lot of time on her hands to be concerned as to whether your nipples are showing or not!. so what if they were showing? the human body is beautiful and Id give anything to have boobs and a figure like yours barbie, you are super attractive physically and personality wise,dont change a thing. that lady needs to concern herself with more important things in life than what people are wearing.

as for the blog, if she doesnt like your thoughts she needs to avoid comming here, period.

keep on bloging barbie and keeping us informed on the weather while looking beautiful doing so.


Jill McCormick said...

I don't know what to say, I feel like I should say I am sorry for something I did not even do...

I don't understand people, why on God's earth would someone say such things!

I have been going through some pretty tough things lately that a lot of people don't know about, stuff that so called Christians and everyday life has thrown my why, I have just starting blogging and for me it is "Therapy", so I can understand you by saying that! Don't let the stupidity of other take that away from you!

God loves you and so do I!

"Know that the Lord is God. It is He who made us, and we are His; we are His people, the sheep of His pasture." Psalm 100:3

Keep up His work....

The Burns Crew said...


Bless your heart..I dont know how you stay positive with all the negative comment you must recieve. That poor woman...I feel for her. No one makes anyone read your blog...I agree with everyone else. Some people in this world are so miserable inside and out it just infurates them to see the "joy of the Lord" in other people. People like that will say and do anything to try and steal your joy. Stay strong and God Bless

Anonymous said...


Good grief! I don't normally comment, but this caller just exasperates me! You just keep doing what you are doing. I have been blessed by some of your posts and I know others have as well. Thank you for putting your faith out there for us all to see.

Alice said...

Perhaps...and I'm just saying..PERHAPS some people should take the beam out of their own eye. hmmm...

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, you must be really getting to someone for them to take the time to call twice and leave messages. She can't stop watching you,and she can't stop reading your "preaching" blog. She sees a beautiful, successful woman that has it all and it's really eating at her. She's miserable. The devil and the Holy Spirit are waging a war inside her. So keep up the good work. If you stop...the devil will win.

Heather Clark said...

You're awesome Barbie!! I think everyone else is exactly right...Satan is working in this woman's life to get you down!!

TheEzekiel5 said...

Barbie, I am also AMAZED at what people feel they are free to say to you. I often wondered, but it is obvious what the answer is, how they would feel if some of these same comments were spoken in public about them. I found your blog recently and I am enjoying it daily. I appreciate the biblical side of it and share you christin faith. "Onward to the high calling in Christ"


Anonymous said...

My heart breaks for all the pain you have been put through by some self-righteous coward too chicken to leave her name and phone no. And all the other weirdos who feel they have the right to say whatever darts across their little pea brain just because they can hide behind an e-mail or anonymous phone call. I highly doubt they would be brazen enough to say stuff to your face. I wish all people could realize that it's what's inside of us that makes us who we are, not what or how we wear our outside. Frankly, after having babies, our fluffy outside is our proud badge of war we receive along with the gift of a precious child.

Please know that most of us have at least an ounce of decency and no one gave us the job of deciding who's too big, too little, too short or too whatever.

I just found your blog about a month ago and enjoy it. You do a wonderful job for Christ and WLBT but most of all, your husband and your precious children are all you really have time to think about. Stay strong and know that your fans keep you in prayer. Not much we can do about your insecure detractors. As Ron White says, "You can't fix stupid!"

Anonymous said...


you are not even CLOSE to fat! you are beautiful!! you are the reason my husband watches the news, ha ha! this poor woman is just jealous because you have the guts to get up in front of the world and do a great job! (and if i were as pretty as you are, i might would have the courage also!)