Monday, August 18, 2008

Walking In The Way

Nothing can bring greater peace in the middle of suffering than to know you're where God would have you to be. In Acts 18:9-10 God told Paul, "Do not be afraid any longer, but go on speaking and do not be silent; for I am with you, and no man will attack you in order to harm you, for I have many people in this city."

I've never thought Paul as being afraid. We forget that the heroes in the Bible were people just like us, people who battled their emotions and dealt with the same fears we do. Some were fears of shame, suffering or the fear of rejection.

Paul was afraid and God commanded him to not be afraid. That's all Paul had to hear. Alittle further down in Acts 18:11 it says, "And he settled there a year and six months, teaching the word of God among them."

Just to know that you're in God's will brings peace and the ability to continue to do what He has called you to do. Without that knowledge, there is either confusion or a scrurrying about as you try to do more than God ever intended for you to do.

We can have strength and confidence to settle in and persevere. Isaiah 30:21 puts it best, "This is the way, walk in it." There is nothing more valuable in knowing that way.

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Susan said...

Paul had spritual maturity. That is something we all strive for. Thanks for your witness.