Monday, August 25, 2008

An Update on Fay

Everywhere I went over the weekend, people were asking about what was once Tropical Storm Fay. It has been raining all weekend and if you're like me, you're ready to see the sun shine again. I found some interesting statistics I thought I'd share with you:

-Fay made several landfalls--the only storm in Florida's history to make 4 landfalls.
-Fay could help us break the record rainfall totals for any August. The current August record rainfall stands at 11.39" set back in 1942. So far, we have received 11.33" this August and the month isn't over. The wettest month on record in Jackson any time during the year stands at 17.70" in December of 1982. We are hoping that record won't be broken.

The good news is the remnants of Fay will be headed northeast over Mississippi today and taking the rain with her. Our chances for rain will be going down from here although we may have several more rounds of heavy drizzle. Considering this storm had many possibilities and different senarios, we came out on the good end of what could've been a big problem for the coastal areas still dealing with the aftermath of Katrina.

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Sara said...

I know we needed the rain, but I am ready for it to be on its way now. Thanks for all info.