Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Day After

(I apologize for the late update. I got home at 3am.)
Although Gustav has made landfall, we will continue to feel his presence today and tonight. Gusty winds, heavy rain and tornadoes will be possible through this evening as the outer rain bands spin over the state. We are all under a tornado watch for most of the day.

Power outages can still occur today and crews will wait until the wind dies down before they go in to make line repairs. Most of the counties south of I-20 are without power and flash flooding is becoming a problem now.

Stay on your toes today and be prepared to take cover should a warning be issued for your area.


Jill McCormick said...

Just wanted to say "Thanks" for all your hard work in keeping us update with the storm. Hope you have a blessed day!

Sara said...

Thanks, Barbie. Praying you get some rest after a long night.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on the storm. I know you are tired, but you still looked great after the long days.

Angie said...


Thanks so very much for all of your hard work. It really helps keep me calm. Just wanted to also say that you look great. Keep up the hard work as I know you have been. I hope you can get some rest, because it looks like the tropics are really busy now.

May God Bless You,
Angie (McComb)