Thursday, September 18, 2008

Viewer Emails & Comments

Several of you emailed me regarding my blog entry on Weds "Your Hair is Too Poofy". You gave me suggestions on how I need to respond to viewers who are superficial. Erica suggested this reply:

Dear Anonymous
Thank you for your email. The Pantene Pro V Beautiful Lengths campaign is a wonderful event and I really enjoy participating every year. I was excited about getting my hair cut as well. However, I have experienced no mixed emotions at all when I look in the mirror. As you can tell I have a lot of hair and contrary to your personal belief, it’s not poofy, just thick. Also, are you the official spokesperson for the many WLBT weather watchers you made reference to? I seriously doubt it. In the future, please remember to practice speaking only for yourself. When judgment day comes and we are all standing before God, no one will be able to speak for you and you will not be able to speak for anyone. So, with that said, I will not lose my THICK hair! Thank you for watching WLBT!

Lori sent me this question:
Good grief! Do you ever want to just throw your clicker at the camera and say "Enough already people!"

I've had several speaking engagements this week. One lady came up to me and stated, "Oh, I was so relieved to see you in person today and see how much weight you've lost. When you came back from maternity leave, I saw you on tv and thought, 'Good Lord, not again! She's not pregnant again, is she?'"

And yes, those emails keep coming, too, although they have slowed down a bit over the last few weeks.

"Well, here it goes. Never ask a woman this question. At a get together, the subject came up. Are you pregnant again or working off the last child?" Signed, James

"Barbie, are you pregnant again? We were just wondering at my work." Signed Christy

"Hey Barbie, You do a good job but, as my husband and I was watching the other night we got into a discussion. We wanted to know if you are expecting again? Solved this for us please. Not that its any of our business. But, we just wanted to know. Signed, Melissa from Heidelberg

"Heard a rumor you were pregnant with TWINS. Is that true? If so, when are you due?" Signed, Linda

Nope, no pregnancy. But, I have lost 24 pounds in 10 weeks and still counting due to the liquid diet from Baptist Health Systems, my cardio workout at the gym, and lots of prayer.

And finally, I received a voice mail this week from the same lady whom I wrote about in my blog entry entitled, "Suggestions from a Caller" (August 15). She said, "Not only do you look like you have one bird's nest in your hair, but you look like you have three bird's nests in your hair." After hearing that comment, I did something I've never done before after a suggestion from my good friend and co-worker Maggie Wade---I hit the delete button on the voice mail. Therefore, I didn't hear the rest of her message. Normally, I would sit and listen to everything a person would say on my voice mail and then get upset over their terse words. I would stew over their comments and get my feelings hurt. But Maggie has been teaching me that the delete button is "my friend". Now, I don't waste time in listening to the diatribes. Instead, I stop, bow my head and pray for the soul of the person who is being used by Satan.

Now, if you will please excuse me while I go poof my hair and get ready for the birth of my twins... (I'm kidding).


Samantha said...

Good for you!

Some people just like a rise out of others... to make them feel better about themselves.

Unfortunately, Satan utilizes their antics to tear down people in the process.

I remember listening to you speak to the group of girls at the BHS Beauty and Beau Pageant... You were encouraging and very heartfelt.

You are wonderful at what you do, and you are very inspiring!

Continue to utilize that delete button. It will be your saving grace regarding all of the not-so-nice people in this world!

Karen :) said...

Gee, and I was thinking how pretty and trim you looked in that cute navy (or black?) pantsuit the other day! And I would love to have your thick hair!

Maybe some of these callers are just jealous?

Just keep on keeping on!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Barbie! If you can tell right off the bat that a message is not a nice one, I would delete it as well, it's not worth your time or energy to listen to that spitefulness, and then get all upset over it. I knew I liked Maggie, she seems so sweet and genuine! (So does Howard, I love his smile)!
You look great, keep on, and my prayers are with you!
Have a great weekend! :)

Sara said...

You go, girl! And, keep using that delete button. Do you realize how grateful some cancer patients are for the wigs made out of your beautiful, thick hair? They are probably praising the Lord that you shared a little bit of your "poof" with those in need. Have a wonderful weekend!

The Vineyards said...

You're just so fabulous and your attitude is so encouraging!! Nobody does what you do better or with the grace and dignity in which you do it. You are a beautiful Godly woman and a fine Christine example not only for your children, but for your viewers as well. Keep on keepin' on!

Scarlett Vineyard

Jennifer said...

I am still just amazed at how rude and inconsiderate people can be! They have no idea how much work and nerve it takes to be in your shoes. I would like to see them do a better job and spend as much time as you do preparing for your work! Keep up the good work, have faith and stay strong! Be yourself and if people don't like it, they can turn somewhere else!
P.S: As you know, I do have twins, and believe me, you would look HUGE!!!!!!!! Do people not realize how much WEIGHT you really gain with more than 1 baby? If so, I could for sure show them.
Have a great weekend!

Junebug said...

You make me laugh, you poofy-haired thing!! Actually, I WISH I had poofy hair. Anyway, you are a way lot nicer than I'd be. Good for you for following Maggie's advice. Maybe you should listen to her alot more.

Also, congrats on that NO-twin thing. :-)

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me to hear how rude and nosey these folks are. Just because you deliver the weather on their TV screen doesn't mean they have a right to ask you such personal questions or to comment so rudely. Bless you for all you do and for having such a beautiful attitude.

Anonymous said...

I think you look great. I have two children and my last one is now 3. I am still trying to get the weight off. I know how hard it is and every time I see you I can tell a difference. You are beautiful and happy and that is all that matters!

The Jasper Family said...

Nothing these crazies say shocks me anymore!!! I just have to know these people really post as anonymous or are you just so sweet that you won't give their names?? That would be just like you to protect someone even when they are cruel to you. I am never surprised that the ones with the biggest criticism never want to own up to it and post their names. God has given you an amazing talent and gift for forgiveness. Your "poof" is beautiful!

Leslie and Mark said...

I am amazed that people have the nerve to CALL you and tell you things like that!! Just keep your finger on the delete button!
You look great Barbie!! Keep your head high!