Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gustav Pictures

The tornado warnings continued yesterday. Since Gustav made landfall, the National Weather Service has issued over 200 tornado warnings just for central Mississippi! One of those tornadoes touched down in Bude Wednesday. Tony Mullins sent me a picture that his friend Delton Butler took of the tornado as it touched down along highway 84. This is what a landfalling tropical system will cause!
Cedric Collins sent me these pictures of the flooding taken in Franklin County.

Annette Sifford sent me these pictures taken at the time of Gustav's arrival. These are from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Those familiar with the area near the Beau Rivage will recognize this location.

No, Gustav was no Katrina. He made a name for himself without Katrina's help. But when I suggested that you prepare just like you did for Katrina, I hope you felt prepared once the weather got progressively worse. As I stated in my blog several times before, Gustav would not get any worse than Katrina.

I've heard from many of you who have been appreciative of the blog updates on Gustav and the severe weather afterward. I hope through all of this, you will be even better prepared for the next tropical system whatever his or her name may be....


Marshall Ramsey said...

Great job during Gustav! (as usual)

Pattie W said...

Thanks so much for the reports, I let my daughter read your blog, and it just help that we did not get that much bad weather. Again thanks.