Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday's Weather Update

Once again, my apologies for being so tardy today. I got home several hours ago, had a few hours of sleep, and am back at work again.

Gustav is just a pesky low pressure system now but is still causing problems. Portions of the state will still experience tornado warnings as these quick spin-up tornadoes form. Not to mention, the gusty winds and periods of heavy rain. I am amazed at the pictures that have been sent to me from viewers in southwest Mississippi. The amount of flooding and wind damage is enormous. While some have said "we dodged a bullet", tell that to people in Natchez, Brookhaven, Meadville, Bude, McComb and areas along Hwy 84. They didn't dodge anything!

Take a look at this graphic and see if you can find your county.

We have received so many unconfirmed reports of tornado touchdowns. The National Weather Service will be surveying the damage over the next few days to determine if they were indeed caused by tornadoes.

The good news is the weather begins to improve Thursday!


Jill McCormick said...

Hey Barbie!

Just wanted to let you know the tornado that went over Bude was right in my back yard...That was as scared as I have ever been. My husband was in the yard screaming for me to get the kids in the closet, the kids were in the closet and I was open doors and windows, when he started screaming as I was praying, I ran and laid on top of them in the closet. God takes care of HIS own, the town got little damage, but we are OK! Thank you, Lord! The picture Mr. Tony Mullins took was great...but the sound of the tornado was awful!

In His Grace,

Rusty said...

Hi Barbie...

You and your crew have done a wonderful job this weekend. I hope that ya'll will have the time to rest up before Gustav's friends come visit the States. By the way...LOVE the glasses! Kind of a Sarah Palin look goin on.

Keep up the good work!