Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Have Any Mountains To Move?

It is amazing all of the things one can forget when you've been out of school for years. I'm enjoying homeschooling Gracie and re-learning those basic things about nature that I learned as a child. In her science lessons, she is learning all about trees: leaves, the different parts of trees, seeds and pollenation. We are having a good time going outside and actually finding things she is learning about so she can see them in real settings. We've looked at the different sizes of seeds and their purpose in this world. In doing so, it made me think about Matthew 17:20, "Verily I say to you, If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say unto this mountain, Be uprooted and move and it shall move; and nothing shall be impossible for you."

Yesterday, I wrote about the importance of what we say about other people, but what about what we say regarding our circumstances? We all have various mountains in our life. Some of our mountains are bigger than others; some are merely hills that just get in the way and trip us up every now and then.

The word verily means "truly or really". If Jesus were to transform himself in the flesh right here in front of us, I could just imagine him saying, "I'm telling you the truth, really".

So He is saying that all we need is alittle bit of faith---a hint of faith, a smidgen of faith, just a pinch of faith. Do you have that much or that little?

Many times, we get down in the dumps because of the mountains we have in our life that won't seem to move. But if what you and I have in life was all up to God, Jesus never would've said Matthew 17:20. He's waiting on you to move that mountain with your faith....


Barbara said...

Homeschooling too! Just one more reason for me to admire your spunk! Your talent for organization and prioritizing is amazing! You put me to shame.

Anonymous said...

Hey Barbie. I really liked this post especially how you said that if all we have in life was up to God He would have never spoken about being able to move the mountains by faith. That one simple statement shed so much more light onto that passage for me. Thanks for sharing.