Monday, April 16, 2007

Forgiving Without An Apology

So much has been in the news over the last week about radio talk show host Don Imus' comments regarding the Rutgers University ladies basketball team. I won't repeat what he called them but it wasn't flattering. Now Imus finds himself unemployed after a lucrative career in 20 plus years of broadcasting.

Much was made last Friday about Don Imus meeting with the team to apologize to them, mainly after Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson made it an even bigger deal by demanding Imus' firing.

Being a minority in a male driven profession, I certainly understand why African Americans were upset and offended along with the basketball team who had obviously made a name for themself with their trip to the Final Four. I don't agree at all with Imus's comments, but thought it would've been interesting if the ladies would've taken another approach. While all of the fuss was made at how important it was for Imus to apologize (and be fired from his job), I thought how much more of a story it would have been if the ladies gathered around a throng of television microphones and said "We forgive Don Imus."

There were no microphones the day Jesus hung on the cross, was beaten and bruised because of our sins, and died. However, while he hung on the cross, he told God, "Forgive them".

Demanding an apology is one thing; forgiving without an apology is another.


Michael said...

We've been talking about how Jackson and Sharpton have now been getting death threats over Imus on the Highbrid Nation website and it got me thinking. Sharpton and Jackson may need to stop tryin to speak on behalf on all black people. I'm starting to feel like that are very out of touch with the average black person. Especially Sharpton who I feel is a joke.

jUnEbUg said...

I love your boldness in sharing the things God is teaching you. I wish there were more of you out there! ;-)