Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Cheering Parent

Swimming lessons started yesterday for Gracie. She took lessons for 4 weeks last year and didn't quite master the art of swimming at 2 1/2. So I'm trying them again on her at 3 1/2. The swim school I take her to is wonderful. The instructors are patient with the little ones and so encouraging. The best part, though, is the wall of glass the parents get to watch them through. While the kids swim, the parents observe---or in my case, cheer.

Gracie hates getting water in her nose and can't seem to always remember to hold her breath. When she comes up sputtering and spitting, I'm giving her the thumbs up sign. When the teacher had her jump off the side of the pool and go under water (which she hates doing as well), I'm behind the glass clapping away. When the teacher rolled her on her back teaching her how to float and she went under water (did I mention Gracie hates going under water?), I stood up and raised my hands. You would think I was crazy if you were sitting beside me behind the glass, but I've learned one thing about my child: she strives on encouragement.

I believe God cheers for us, too. In Psalm 10:17, it says God "encourages us and listens to our cry." In the New Testament, encourage means 'to urge forward'. God is constantly encouraging us to push ahead, keep going, and to move onward and upward. So as you go throughout your day today and you encounter issues you have to deal with, just imagine God cheering you on. No, He's not sitting behind a large piece of looking glass, but He is watching every move you make and cheering you on, in the hopes that you will persevere.

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April said...

I think we all need some encouragement to get us through. Heck, if I didn't get the encouragement to follow my dream and be a famous anchor/reporter, I'd probably not be majoring in Broadcast Journalism. More than likely, I'd be an English major on my way to teaching youngins.

In my honest opinion, I think the kids of today need more encouragement. True, when I was growing up, my parents encouraged me to do well in school and strive for my dream.

And you ain't the only one that looks like a bloomin idiot when you're cheerin for your girl. I'm that way when it comes to things that my nephew, Godbrothers, and Godsister are involved in. I'm the one at my Godbrother's baseball game screaming my head off for him. Kids need us to encourage them in life. Not just for swimming lessons but to go for what they believe in. That legacy will be passed down to my children when I have them.