Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Holding on Tight

Last night as I left the tv station, the wide metal gate opened and I noticed something green clinging to the door. It was small tree frog holding on for dear life. He was hunkered down on the gate door. As it swung open for me to drive through, the frog was hanging tough. No telling how long he had been there and how many times the gate had swung open that night with reporters and photographers coming driving in and out of the parking lot. Granted, I don't care for frogs. But when I noticed him hanging on, I found myself pulling for him thinking "hold on tight".

With circumstances swirling around us, it is sometimes hard to keep the faith. The Bible says we are to "hold fast" our faith. What does hold fast mean? It means to hang on for dear life and don't let anyone take it away from you. Ever seen a quarterback hold fast the football? While he's running, he tucks and runs all the while dodging his opponents who are trying to pull him down and take the ball away from him. Our faith is the same way. We need to hold on to it, tuck and run through our circumstances, all the while dodging the adversaries who will try to pull us down and take our hope away.

So as you go through your day, hold on to your faith. Don't let anyone steal it, even when the gate of life seems to swing open and shut, trying to knock you off.

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