Friday, June 1, 2007

Oh, What to Wear?

I received this email last night.
I have a request and complaint. Could you please get rid of those awful pantsuits and jackets in the summer? Those pantsuits are for women 60+ years old. I remember my grandmother wearing those in the 70'sand 80's, you are FAR too young and good looking to be wearing them. Just wear more trendy and less bulky outfits, whether they are pants or skirts, especially for summer. Wear outfits that are befiting a beauty pageant winner as you certainly are, something like the national CNN andFOX meteorologist/newswomen wear. Not to be harsh, just my humble opinion to make the weathercast more top notch as your forecasts already are. Signed, Dave Venable
Many of you ask me if I respond to my emails. I do, whether they are complimentary or critical. Here is the email I sent to Dave.

Thanks so much for your kind email. I am always glad to hear from our viewers. Dave, I'd LOVE to wear Italian suits that the ladies on CNN and FOX wear, but I don't get free clothes. I have a family to provide for and bills to pay. I do the best that I can, just like everyone else. I take great pride in what I wear, whether it be from Maison Weiss or Cato. My daddy once told me that it doesn't matter what you wear, but it's the attitude you have while you wear it.
To be honest, I wear pantsuits to cover up the microphone pack and IFB earpiece pack I have to wear. Those are 2 very bulky boxes that have to clip to my waistband. Anything too fitted will accentuate them. So in essence, the jackets are used to cover up the bulk and cords therein.
Really, I appreciate your comments and thank you for sharing a part of your day with me and WLBT.
This morning, Dave wrote me back.

I didn't mean to suggest that you wear super expensive designer outfits or Italian outfits, just that the outfits should fit better (not as loose fitting) and reflect the season (no jacket in summer heat) and your age, which is young. As for the electronic gear, get those tech guys to find a way to go "wireless" with the packs or have them just off camera? As for the men, I think they should wear more casual clothes such as a polo shirt/T shirt with maybe khaki pants/jeans instead of the three piece suits every day, but thats probably a dress code issue with management at the station. I think more casual wear especially for Fridays would be super, for both men and women there. Sorry if I sound too "nitpicking". I just want to see the news and weathercasts more enjoyable & professional for the viewers. Signed, Dave Venable
I know I'm not Mr. Blackwell, the fashion connoisseur, but I thought suits were "professional"?


KeithAR2002 said...

You all look just fine on the air...with the exception of those ugly suits from the 70's... did y'all buy those at a thrift store?

Haha... you know I'm only kidding! Seriously though, everyone looks just fine on WLBT.

And besides, what does it matter how y'all are dressed? As long as y'all are putting out a professional product, y'all could wear a t-shirt and blue jeans, and it wouldn't matter one bit!

Freddie Harrison said...

Personally, I think you and the entire on-camera staff at WLBT are always in style and dress very nice. Also, I thought the news was to be informative, and not a contest on who can dress the best?

It seems some people just aren't satisfied at ALL (more like Satan is never satisfied)!

Have a wondeful afternoon!

Name: Eric Law said...

Jeans and a Polo shirt are not professional clothes for anchors of a respectable news organization to wear. At least not for weather folks. I'd also steer clear of suspenders without a jacket covering them up.

glenn said...

Yeah, there should be a jeans and flip-flops day;) That'd be good for Fridays. Seriously, I vote for substance over fashion when it comes to the weather forecast. But I must say, I think everyone on the broadcast looks just fine. Bert Case and I even have the same hair, hah.

Wendy said...

Geez, I think Mr. Venable has far too much time on his hands. You look great, Barbie!

April said...

How petty can you get? And how are pants suits not professional? My mom wears a pants suit every day. And honestly there are only a couple of times I ever see your entire outfit. Most of the time, we only see the waist up. Anyway, fact of the matter is pants suits are professional. Every job that my mom has had she's worn pants suits. It's the most professional thing next to a skirt suit. And interviews for jobs and such, I wear pants suits because I don't have the legs to wear skirts or dresses. Put seriously, how picky can you be over a friggin pants suit. He seriously needs to grow up. He may not have meant to offend you but still.