Thursday, June 14, 2007

Viewer Emails About the Rain

Almost everyone needs rain now. Our joke at the tv station is that the grass is getting "crunchy". The hot afternoons haven't helped either. I received this email from a viewer this week who was a little angry at me.
"You need to tell Barbie to include the almost 8 inches of deficit we ended 2006 with in the total lack of rainfall. We farmers are very worried about the drought---no crops, no hay, dried up ponds, scorched pastures, etc. There ARE a few farmers left in Mississippi that would appreciate a little coverage every now and then." Signed, Mary Landin
Mary is right. We did end 2006 with an 8 inches deficit in the rainfall department. However, when I give updates on the drought at night, the numbers that count are the official numbers from the National Weather Service. We don't look back at previous years and add those numbers to the current year. We start all over again beginning with January 1 (the calendar year). I am well aware there are farmers left in Mississippi--my dad, brother and extended family are all Delta farmers. And as far as giving weather coverage, that's what I do every night. From updates to the drought, predicted rainfall, and speaking of what is yet to come (a cold front, please?), that's my job.

On the other hand, parts of south Mississippi received rain yesterday.
Praise God, we are getting much needed rain in Pike County. I give thanks to the Lord every time it rains. Signed, R. Wallace
I'm not giving up hope yet. A cold front is expected to arrive early next week, which has bumped our rain chances to 50% for Tuesday. I'll take 50% over 20% any day!

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April said...

Amen! I'll take 50%. Heck, I'll take 30%. And least then there's a chance of a thunderstorm here and there. Scattered is better than none.

My grandfather built a small garden when he moved into the neighborhood. He grows tomatoes and okra. He came down to the house earlier this week and was saying he was worried that his plants would perish if we didn't get some rain. I feel sorry for him because all he does is farm and grow. He owns land down in Mendenhall and he has not been able to do anything down there because the temps have been so brutal and there is virtually no rain falling.

I'm prayin hard for God to send us like four straight days of rain. Wishful thinking but that's what we need! Four straight days of rain.