Friday, July 27, 2007

God Never Leaves Us

Its good to be back home! I've spent the last 5 days in the red dirt hills of Neshoba County enjoying the fair with my children. The Neshoba County Fair is the only place on earth where everything that is white turns red after a few minutes in the open air. I visited with many friends, took in the sights and sounds of the fair and relished some quiet moments.

My brother Doug had the heart defibrillator surgery on Tuesday. The surgeon said his heart looked good considering the beating it took from the two heart attacks. The doctors were so pleased with Doug's progress and surgery, they sent him home the next day! He has lost 20 pounds while in the hospital and has been told to lose more weight over the next 6 months. Doug took a ride yesterday to view all of the crops in the field and got updates from the workers. He got tired and returned home to rest. The doctor said all of this is expected and he will have to gradually build up his physical activity. However, the more he exercises and moves around, the better his heart will "repair" itself in some instances.

In looking back over the last two weeks of this blog, it really hit home---we have all experienced a miracle. Some miracles are smaller than others, but we know it when we witness them, don't we? Although the doctors have given Doug a less-than-normal-life outlook since this first started, we know that God holds the future--not the doctors. The Bible talks about the peace of God through difficult times. Isaiah 54:10 says, "The mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but God's kindness shall not depart from me, neither shall the covenant of His peace be removed, saith the Lord that hath mercy on me." Can you imagine how scary it would be to see mountains crumble and hills flatten right before your eyes? We think of those things as being steadfast, strong and immovable. Isaiah is saying that even though our life may be crumbling to pieces around us, God's kindness never fails and God has mercy on us. Don't ever confuse circumstances in your life with God removing His hand from your life!

So even though your world may seem alittle difficult even in the best of times, know that God has not turned His back on you. God is love.

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