Tuesday, July 10, 2007

When I was a child, I carried a silk blanket around most of the time. I guess I've passed that tradition down to baby Will because he has a small piece of silk he loves, especially when he gets sleepy. This piece of silk started out as a square foot sized, baby blue ruffled piece of material. I bought another one that looks similar, just in case we were to ever lose the first one but Will doesn't care too much for it. I have given him both before and just like an animal marks its territory, Will sniffs the blanket for his scent. And, he always chooses his silk piece of material. He knows the difference. He pulls it up to his face and caresses it. It gives Will comfort and consolation. Well, it may be about time to "lose" that silk. It is shredded in 3 separate places and looks more like a dish rag these days. Even Will's Sunday School teacher was joking that he was willing to take up a love offering to get Will a new blanket. Trust me, Will would know the difference!

I began thinking we must be like that shredded piece of silk to God sometimes. We look battered, worn and torn. We could easily be "replaced", but God chooses us. He knows the difference between us and each of us has a special place in His heart. Psalm 119:50 says "For you have given me hope. My comfort in my suffering is this: your promise preserves my life." Even though we may feel torn apart, ragged and beaten down, God comforts us and consoles us. His Word revives us and gives us life.

One more thing, Will's blanket isn't all torn and frayed because he mistreats it. It is that way because the child has literally loved it to pieces and his feelings for it are very obvious when you hand it to him and see his reaction. So I guess you could say that being worn, torn, ragged, frayed and battered is a sign that God loves us.

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