Saturday, July 14, 2007

Weekend Update

I don't normally blog on the weekends, but so many of you have sent emails and asked how my brother is doing. Let me tell you, God is listening to your prayers! Friday the doctors were hoping to have is heart back to working at 50% capacity. However, Friday night the doctors were amazed. It seems Doug's heart started working at 100%, so the doctors removed him from the heart pump machine at 11pm and he's been going on his own since. The doctors told my parents they did not expect him to live through the helicopter flight to Oxford; and 9 out of 10 of the patients they see in his condition die within hours. Needless to say, the medical staff hasn't been able to explain this one, but we have---prayer. Doug is still in pain due to being in the same position for the last couple of days and not moving due to the equipment he is hooked up to. They have allowed him to come out of the sleep-induced coma for a couple of hours at a time. He is now able to tolerate juice, which is an improvement. However, they plan to keep him in ICU as they are closely monitoring him.

Now our prayers are prayers of praise and thanksgiving that we have him. We are continuing to pray for his body to recover so the surgery to insert the defibrillator will be early this coming week.

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