Thursday, September 20, 2007


Every comment that is posted on this blog, I read. "Judy" posted a comment yesterday on my August 10 entry entitled "Address in Heaven" which entails my brother's after death experience and I don't think she would mind me posting it here.

Barbie, I know I have a home in Heaven with all my loved ones already there because of Jesus telling us he was going to prepare a place for us. Still, your brother's words are so comforting to me. You see, I have stage 4 cancer in both lungs and don't know how much longer I have. I am in a win/win situation, either I'll be with my loved ones here or my loved ones there. I don't want to go and leave my son though as he started college in August and he needs me, even though he thinks he doesn't. I'd also love to see and play with my grandchildren some day. It is all in God's hands and His will be done. Thank your brother for sharing this beautiful experience as it has brought me great comfort and joy.

Revelation 7:11 says, "And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes." My brother's experience answered many questions for me: when we die, we are immediately in the presence of God (there is no "waiting room"), there is complete peace and tranquility, we are reunited with loved ones and we immediately know who is in heaven waiting on us, and we won't be sad to be away from our loved ones here on earth. Granted, there is still more to heaven than this as the Bible says we will worship and praise God and heaven will offer rewards for those who have overcome in this life.

I have dreams just like Judy. I want to see my children grow up, I want to see them have children of their own and live fulfilled lives, I want to continue in my career and calling, I want to build my dream house, I want to enjoy retirement...and the list goes on and on. But knowing there is so much more to eternal life is much more comforting to me now than it ever was. I know everything and everyone I leave behind will be in God's hands. And I look forward to seeing them in heaven and sharing my heavenly address with them.

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