Wednesday, September 19, 2007

God's Voice

Some questions are just hard to answer. Last night at the dinner table, Gracie asked, "What does God's voice sound like?" Trying to swallow my food, I wondered how I would answer this one. "I thought you said you hear God talking to your heart sometimes?" I asked. "I do, but what does His voice sound like?" Gracie questioned. For a four year old, she can sure come up with some spiritually probing questions!

Psalm 95:7-8 says, "Today I will hear His voice and harden not my heart." I believe we hear God's voice first by wanting to hear His voice. The most likely way we'll hear God speak is through His written Word. But He can communicate with us in other ways, too--circumstances, the counsel of trusted Christians or by His Holy Spirit prompting our spirit. If we question whether or not we hear God's voice or our own thoughts, we can check the message against scripture because God never contradicts Himself.

So what does God's voice sound like? Perhaps a newborn baby's cry, the wind whistling through the trees or the thunder in a quiet storm. How sweet it is to hear His voice...

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Barbara said...

The laughter of a child; the chirping of a bird; the meowing of a kitten; the humming of a grandmother--that's what God sounds like.
And the things you mentioned and many more.