Thursday, February 21, 2008

Prayers & Severe Weather

I received a post yesterday on the blog from the family of Landon Arrington. He is the little boy who desperately needed blood transfusions and platelets. I posted his picture on Valentines Day (see February 14 blog entry) and mentioned how critically low blood donations were, hence the reason why Marshall Ramsey and I teamed up to do the blood drive. His family posted this comment yesterday:

"Thanks to everyone who gave blood to help out sweet little Landon, but sadlly he lost his battle on Monday 2/18/2008. We will all miss his bright smile and bubbly personality. Thanks again, the Newman family"

My friend Chuck also sent me this request for prayer for a friend of his:

"I have a really good friend who has a friend in need. Kelly is my friend and Nana is her friend. Nana has found out that her cancer has returned and that it is inoperable. Kelly is rallying up all of her blogging friends and is asking them to pray and ask their readers to pray. You can never have too many people praying. In Nana’s daughters words to Kelly “what if everyone that blogs posts a prayer request for Nana…think of how many people would be praying. do you think that’s a good idea?” Kelly’s reply was “well, let’s just hunker down and pray like mad women….she’s strong and if anybody can fight through it, she can”. So, I am asking if you have a blog, please pass this along to your readers. If you don’t have a blog, then please just pray for Nana. Kelly tells me she is a wonderful lady. So, say a prayer for Nana and anyone else you know that is in need."

As you go through your day, please pray for the Arrington family and their loss of little Landon. Landon received the ultimate healing but I know his family would covet your prayers. So would Nana and her family.

Now for the weather....once again, it looks like we could be in for some severe weather late this afternoon and tonight. A strong cold front and several disturbances will move in producing gusty winds, hail, heavy rain and the possibility for tornadoes. The worst of the weather looks to be confined to the I-20 corridor and points south. If you don't have to travel in this mess, don't. It could be a long night (or early morning, whichever way you want to look at it), so please have your weather radio on. I've posted the latest graphic from the National Weather Service so you can pick out your county and see what is likely in your area.


Jennifer said...

Thank you!
Jennifer C, Nana's Daughter

Jeanne Wroten said...

Thank you for requesting prayer for Nana. She is a wonderful person! I am so sorry to hear about little Landon. My heart aches for his family.

Pat said...

Thanks, Barbie, for all you do to make this area safer and a more blessed place to live. You were so gracious to me last year when I had to give up my plan to donate my hair due to my own pancreatic cancer. Now you post our request for prayers for one of my dearest friends, Barbara (Nana) in her ordeal. She and I were scrapbooking together yesterday and decided we must get you to come to Meadville United Methodist to speak sometime! Blessings to you as your happy event arrives!