Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What a Night!

Oh, what a night. As expected, the severe weather rolled in--just alittle behind schedule that my original thinking on Monday. Across the south, 47 people were killed not the mention the damage across those same states. Mississippi did not go unscathed as we had numerous injuries and damage to buildings especially in north Mississippi. Reports of power outages and trees uprooted began in our viewing around around 11pm and continued into the wee hours of the morning. Although in some respects we "dodged a bullet" when compared to other parts of the southeast, on the other hand, this system did not disappoint here in Mississippi.

I began with wall-to-wall coverage around 10:45pm and didn't quit until 2:30am. Needless to say, I am running on fumes but so thankful my family is safe. I am always torn when tornado warnings are issued for Madison County because I find myself wanting to sprint out of the doors of WLBT and come home to help protect my children. My husband was working just as hard as I was, so I have to trust the good Lord to be with my ever-faithful sitter.

Going LIVE for hours at a time will make your mouth say crazy things. Last night/this morning was no exception. At one point, I was giving the tornado safety rules: be downstairs, underneath something, get in the center of the house and keep away from windows. However, when it came to the "get underneath something" part, I said, "get underneath somebody". Whoops.

When my co-worker Eric Law and I decided to take a break at 2:30am, as all of the tornado warnings had expired, Eric mentioned it was "time for us to find a bed". My mouth (not my brain) chimed in, "but not together". Whoops again.

For now, I'll blame it on the lack of sleep, my swollen feet and my pregnancy brain.


BarbC said...

Pregnancy can definitely do it! I told my husband when I was carrying my babies they were sucking all my brain cells! I did several bizarre things... saw a man in a car like mine and got upset my husband had taken my car without asking (which is so not like me) and then realized I was IN my car... but the best is when I was having "morning" sickness and I ran into the bathroom at Morrison Brothers... I wondered what that was on the wall... zipped into a stall and tossed the meal I had just eaten... and then it hit me... THAT WAS A URINAL! I had run into the men's room! Oh well! Hope you get some rest today!


Claire said...

Thanks for your hard work last night. My parents live in Jackson, TN and Daddy works at Union, so they were taking care of students last night. After hearing their weather, I kind of got concerned at 1:30 when I woke up to strong storms. I turned on WLBT and saw that it was mostly thunderstorms and was able to go back to sleep. Thanks...and get some rest tonight!! :-)

luv2teach said...

Thank you for the laugh! I feel your pain, as I constantly say things that do not sound as I intended for them to sound! LOL I needed a chuckle today.