Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

Today is Valentines Day. This day isn't only important to me because of it's holiday significance, but because I was up bright and early at 5am at Mississippi Blood Services for our bi-annual blood drive. After doing some interviews for our morning show, I did a quick phone interview for my friends Scott Steele & Karen Lowe on US96.3FM about the importance of donating blood. I mentioned I had gotten an email earlier in the week which told of Landon Arrington's need for blood. He is a sick little boy and needs blood transfusions and platelets in order for his body to fight a form of childhood cancer. Shortly after my interview, I received this email from a family member of Landon's.
Thank you so much for supporting the blood drive today. Landon is our nephew and very precious to our family. He has overcome so many obstacles and the doctors are absolutely amazed by his accomplishments, but he still has a long bumpy road ahead of him. He is truly an angel. I wanted to share his picture with you and thank you for helping him out. He does have a rare blood type A- and is in need of platelets. Signed, John & Judy Arrington

What a beautiful child. Who wouldn't risk hell and high water to see their child live to fight another day?
If you are close to Jackson, I encourage you to drop by Mississippi Blood Services today and donate. There are several other locations taking donations, too: Millsaps College from 10am-4pm, Walmart in Vicksburg from Noon-6pm, and Walmart in Natchez from Noon-6pm.
Yes, Valentines Day is for lovers, but it is also for those who rely on the kindness of others.
"When I walk in love, God is present." I John 4:12


The Ainsworth Family said...

I went and gave blood for this child a couple of weeks ago. I thought I was a match, but it turns out that I am not. You have to understand one thing. I don't give blood, I afraid of needles. But I received an email from a friend and something about that email made me go give blood. It was very weird, I called my husband (which he gives all the time) and said this is something I want to do. I gave the day after I read the email from my friend. It felt very good doing something for someone I don't even know. It was something I didn't even think about, I just did it.....

Newman family said...


Thanks to everyone who gave blood to help out sweet little landon, but sadlly he lost his battle on Monday 2/18/2008. We will all miss his bright smile and bubbly personality.

Thanks again
Newman family