Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday's Severe Weather

I've been gone for the last day or so. Seems I've been having severe abdominal pains since Tuesday which has left me doubled over. I was able to "fake it" through the pain Tuesday night on WLBT, but couldn't yesterday so I went to the doctor. After ruling out my gall bladder, the doctor said I have a horrible gastrointestinal bug. He sent me home with some medicine to hopefully keep the cramping at bay. Needless to say, I missed doing the severe weather coverage last night and this morning.

By now, you've heard about the damage in Simpson County and other portions of the state due to this morning's severe weather. My heart aches for those people because I've been there myself. Worse yet, we have two more rounds of severe weather to go tonight and another one Friday night. Night times are the toughest to spot tornadoes due to the dark skies; we have to rely on tornado vortex signatures on the radar. Tonight's episode should be more confined to the areas along and south of I-20. Here is the NWS's graphic for today:

All modes of severe weather will be possible with both of these rounds so please take this system seriously.
Felisha Simmons sent me this picture from her home in Madison. She said one of the shutters came off her house and the wind threw it into her son's bedroom window. All the more reason NOT to be near windows during this type of weather.
Have your weather radio on and keep tuned to WLBT. I'll be there with you!

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Heather Kimble said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling well...I will say a prayer for you...
Love the weather updates too...I am a little bit of a "weather weenie" everyone at work used to laugh at me because the minute I saw a rain cloud outside I was all over the weather sites trying to see if it is going to get bad...My ears have perfect detection of the tornado sirens too...I am always the first to hear them and try to find a closet somewhere...I am scared to death of bad weather :o)
You do a great job keeping us informed...Thanks