Monday, May 21, 2007

A Busy Day!

The day isn't even over and its been a big one so far. It started out early this morning with LIVE shots during the Morning Show, interviews on the radio and newspapers. I have 2 hours for a break and decided to come home and play with the children before I head back to Clinton and prepare for my own "lop off". Oh, if you could see the people and hear their stories..

When I checked my email this afternoon, I had one email from someone who wasn't too thrilled with my long hair, nor the effort that so many donors have put in.
Barbie, glad you finally cut your hair! Just think how many lives you could have saved with a blood drive, that you spent so much time on. Oh yea, you wouldn't have had so many volunteers to give up something important like blood! Signed, Steve Ray
To be honest, we actually thought about doing a blood drive today. But another blood drive is going on between several of the radio stations and the timing of doing both just didn't work out.

So back I go to Clinton and being in awe over the people who are giving up their hair so someone else can have a full head of it while they continue their cancer treatments. Here is the latest article written a couple of hours ago:


Drewe Llyn said...

Just another wet blanket trying to throw water on you! You keep up the good work. I haven't seen your haircut yet, but I know you still look beautiful inside and out!

jUnEbUg said... so cute with the short hair!!

KeithAR2002 said...

Barbie I can't wait to see how your hair will look! You could be bald, and you would still bring sunshine to every viewer that can receive WLBT's signal... no matter how snowy or clear that signal might be, you would still light up those airwaves that are designed for Channel 3! Just remember that, anytime someone feels the need to crash your self-esteem.

bridgetsteed said...

Mack did a good job on your hair, as usual. I was honored to give my hair to help someone. Who is to say people do not give blood as well, you just can't see it as clearly as you can a new hair do. Chin up, the Lord knows what is in your heart....