Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hairy Emails

The countdown has begun to the big hair cutting event on May 21. At this writing, we have 1,402 people signed up to donate their hair on that day. This hair will be shipped to NYC that night on an 18 wheeler. Over the last couple of days, the "hair emails" have poured in and everyone has an opinion.

I just have a question: how did you get your hair to grow so fast? Did you take a special vitamin or what? Please let me know cause my hair on top of my head grows fast and the back grows so slow. Since it has gotten hot, I bet you are ready to cut your hair. I know I would.
Signed, Mary from Roxie

I've been asked this question numerous time lately. Much to some viewers' disappointment, I am not taking anything to make my hair grow. I don't even take vitamins, although I probably should. I attribute the growth to good genes and not wearing too many ponytails, which will cause your hair to break off.

I don't mean this to sound bad, but I have been trying to find a look that suits you since you have been growing your hair out for the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign. I know you don't have long until you cut it, however, the style you had it in today is a good look for you with your hair away from your face more. It fits you well.
Signed, Carlos from Ridgeland

Ok, I don't know what to say about this one. Thank you--maybe? Growing my hair this long is new for me. Every day I'm learning to do something alittle different with it which can be challenging. I didn't know viewers were "trying to find a look that suits" me. A little inconvenience on my part will be a bigger blessing to some cancer survivor.

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