Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sweet Blessings

Thanks to all of you who sent me birthday wishes yesterday. We were able to go out to dinner between newscasts and I didn't have to cook (the best part). We made it home in time for me to give the kids a bath before I headed back to work. While I was sitting on the floor dressing Will and Gracie was still in the tub, my husband walked in with a birthday cake lit with candles singing "Happy Birthday". I think Gracie was more excited than I was. I hurried her out of the tub so we could eat some cake before bedtime. She said, "Mommy, icing on cakes make birthdays beautiful!" Think about that one.

Throughout your day, God uses small things to sweeten your life--a compliment from a co-worker, an open parking spot near the front of the store, a thoughtful driver who lets YOU go first, or a totally unsolicited comment from someone that makes your day. These are little blessings that God sends our way. Sure, we can pass off the open parking spot as luck; we can shrug off the compliment from our co-worker and dismiss its value; and we can even say 'it was my turn anyway' to the nice driver who let us go first.

These are little things disguised as gifts...sweet blessings. Don't block them by ignoring them.

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