Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Hairy Question

Viewers are always emailing me about my hair. They either love it or hate it and everyone thinks they need to tell me what their opinion is, whether I want to hear it or not.

I recently got an email from Tracey who asked "Why do you flip your part? At 5pm & 6pm, you part your hair on one side of your head. At 10pm, you part it on another side?"

Flipping the part is actually an old pageant hair trick I learned years ago. Your hair gets trained to fall a certain way and can sometimes lose its body. If you flip the part to the other side, your hair looks as if it has more volume.

Weather permitting, I usually go home between the 6pm & 10pm newscasts to have dinner with my family. Between cooking supper, playing in the floor with the kids and doing baths, my hair can look sorry by the time I come back to the tv station. If I flip my part to the other side, it makes my hair look refreshed and full. Spray some hairspray and I'm ready to go!

I never knew some viewers watch so closely. Better check my teeth before I go on the air, too!

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