Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Viewer Fights For Her Life

Today, our Pantene's Beautiful Lengths campaign topped 850 donors! WLBT viewers are always pitching in to help others and this campaign has really shown that effort.

I received an email today from a viewer who had initially signed up to donate her hair, but her circumstances have changed. Read her email:
I have so much admired and respected you. You have shown such great faith and perserverance through your trials, especially the tornado and your miscarriage.
I registered a few months ago to donate my hair. My hair is long and thick and when I heard your appeal on tv, I knew that's what I should do.
My life changed drastically on January 17, 2007. I entered Baptist hospital in Jackson with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, and had the drastic surgery called the Whipple procedure. Going into the hospital, I knew it would be difficult to maintain my hair and still don't know if I'll be losing it all anyway.
I hope you will understand that I had to go ahead and have some of it cut, so I won't be able to carry out my commitment to Beautiful Lengths.
Thanks for all you do. I enjoy seeing you and enjoy your vivacious personality.

Pat - Meadville, MS


I have been so emotionally moved by the stories that have come forth through this project. And to have one of "our own" donors fighting this disease brings me back to reality.

Life is short and it beckons me to say "thank you" to God that He gets us through the stormy weather that comes into our lives every minute of every day.


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