Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hello...Anybody Listening?

Yes, tonight it is possible we could experience some light rain mixed with light freezing drizzle and/or light sleet. This could continue through the early morning hours of Wednesday. Because of this, the National Weather Service isssued a Winter Weather Advisory for areas south of Interstate 20. This simply means to take it easy on the bridges and overpasses. This does NOT mean a winter storm, nor are any acculumations expected. We've had several reports today of light sleet mixed with light rain, so the forecast from last night was right on the money. Notice the operative word is "light" in all instances.

Even though I went on the air at 5pm slowly explaining this (once again), the viewers are already getting uneasy and everything I say is blown out of proportion. Read this viewer email for an example:

Hi Barbie, when will the ice and/or snow get here? I saw the winter ice warning map in the corner of the screen this afternoon and am worried about road closings and school closings tomorrow. I'm a sub teacher in Canton. Will there be any road closings? How bad will it get? thanks. BTW, I loved your hair tonight, it looks best long and down. A cute outfit as well, excellent color match but the pants were a tad too loose/big. ----Dianne

Several points to make:
1) We will not have any ice/snow.
2) There is no "winter ice warning". This term doesn't exist. However, a Winter Weather Advisory has been issued.
3) Canton is north of I-20 and is not included.
4) Didn't know my pants were too big. That's a new one!

Sometimes I wonder if viewers are listening to what I say or tuning in to see what I wear...

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